Tuesday, 22 May 2012

streetbank presents "community" as a (quality of life enhancing) response to the over-consumption of resources

Is there a better time than NOW to join http://streetbank.com & to contact the team ("Lend-It-All Man", Mediation Support, Freelending CIC and St Leonards Sharing Consortium) about how to go from having a few streetbank members to having a community that really shares it's resources and resourcefulness thanks to the dedicated work of those joining a six-week drive to build those caring and sharing connections around you?
Contact us through the Mediation Support contact form, or phone/text Paul on 0780 7066202.
More background on the steps suggested to building a "more caring and sharing community around you": 1) Lend It All Man & the Moneyless Man 2) The Moneyless Man (Mark Boyle) & Freelender at Buddhafield Festival 3) Turning these ideas (& A FEW MORE RECENT INTERCONNECTED IDEAS) into, what within my (spiritual) community is called a "Team Based Right Livelihood":

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